Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Part of the Pack

Enjoying the lake
Being one with the hounds!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Japanese Feist

On friday night James, Dianna, Tayo and I went out for some japanese fast food...ramen and gyoza. I am not a die hard fan of ramen, however the last place we went to was REALLY good, but maybe that was early pregnancy and salt addiction speaking. This place we went to today James and I have been to in the past (I only ordered gyoza and rice then) its suppose to be the best in Vancouver, and always has a line up no matter what time of day...however I personally preferred the last place :)

I just wanted to post this since I noticed James' original chopsticks(one broke in a weird spot) THEY ARE CROSSED...he always nags on me when I accidentally do this! Muahhahaa
So after we finish, we are standing outside the restaurant and I notice at the "pub" beside the special of that night FRIDAY...hello I will be back in March!
A late night stop for some gelato, I ordered pineapple and raspberry sorbet.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Client photos

We all know what that means...more dogs, these are not from today, but it was such a successful day at work with a few of my stubborn clients so I wanted to celebrated some of the critters I adore!
This guy has come a LONG way since his first crazy walks, jumping and biting and ripping all our jackets (3 of us work for the company) he is so calm and lazy now haha. Aaah blue sky, it was an ugly day today...a preview of our gloomy grey winters yuck!
Sweet sweet super cricket. She is about 15 years old, losing her hearing, but still has that beagle nose. I think I'm her favorite, since I am the only one who get her to walk quite the distance and for longer than 15 minutes ;)
Mick - what an awesome aussie, I'm pretty sure our walks are done with (her pawrents book random walks throughout the year for a 2 week period) but his markings are as striking as his personality.
Karma-licious the forever puppy looking lab, everyone thinks she is a pup! Very loving girl who is full of kisses, but I keep my distant as she is a notorious POOP eater...why do so many do that gross!
Lastly...Shelagh - bo-belaaaa. Always on the hunt for those pesky squirrels, she has been a stinker lately with taking off into the woods after them, its that time of year. So unfortunately I have been keeping her leashed mostly lately, but I love her dearly...and her spit bubble hahaha.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Country Side Beauty

This was taken somewhere between Vancouver and Hope on our way to Kelowna. I was super happy that it turned out pretty since it was taken while Jim was flying down the highway like a maniac hahaa. I love the mountains here in BC, it always looks like a water painting or something along those lines.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Romantic Moonlight

I was totally excited to see the new theme for this weeks contest, this picture is not great, but it was ironic that I managed to capture a theme appropriate picture when I had no clue what the new theme was.

It was a full moon on monday night, and tuesday was our first night of camping in the Okanagan and the moon was just amazing unfortunately no tripod and shaky impatient pregnant hands did not allow me to get a good shot of the moon, so then I just decided to have fun and draw with the moon.

I was like a kid bringing home her first A+ paper, so proud when I took this heart shot, so I think its worth the post, even if its not overly artistic... I LIKE IT hehehee It was my second attempt at a heart, as I realized after taking the first phone, I had to draw the heart upside down...so again quite proud haha

Saturday, September 13, 2008


So I already blew my goal of trying to get updated with everyones blogs, I still have not added the new people who have joined since I went MIA. My girlfriend has been staying with us for most of the week, as her place is being renovated, so needless to say its been a busy week, and I am just exhausted.

I did however brave the challenge of bringing my "real camera" to work...call me crazy trying to juggle 5 dogs and a big camera, and a backpack full of dog gear, and a poop bag in hand...yep CRAZY! So of course I will post some pup pictures...which is about 90% of the pictures I post hahaaa...occupational hazard? no life but dogs? animal lover hobby? Who knows but I do love to snap up my animals, or any cuties I run into, so if you get sick of fur creatures, then just skip over, because my life is animals, sleeping, or ahhhh baby stuff, yep I almost 17 weeks already and have no clue about being a mom, or what is the best crib, stroller, diapers whatever for the little one...but I won't bore you with that, I will leave baby talk for my other blog hahaa, this is clearly my animal blog! Ha!

These 4 dogs all live in the same house, there is a 5th one(another cocker), who has a foot sore so he is not walking with us for a few days...they are a newer group and quite the handful but cute so when they are driving me CRAZY, they give you that look and you forgive them hehee.

Mogito - a rescued mexican stray

Buddha - Mo's brother (these two are living with "gramma" for over a year, as her son and his wife, are in the states for a school program or something along those lines) He is a bull in a china shop!
Sweet Sweet Little Lily - another rescue, a face only a mother/or me could love her tongue hangs out and she has the droopiest eyes, but I now have a love for cockers hehee
Emma - Lily's "sister" a stick obsessed chocolate lab (aren't they all? hehee)
And Lily taking a break getting ready to roll around for some great back scratches on the pebbles!

Friday, July 4, 2008